First Aid Tribe

At the time of writing this, we are unable to undertake any in-person first aid training classes. We all need to stay safe, but I am troubled by the reports in the press that a number of people are not attending hospital with serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses due to fear of covid-19 , or of overwhelming our health service. In these days it is all the more necessary to have the skills to recognise when an illness or injury is becoming a life threat. Classes can be held online, but the key skills of CPR and Rescue breaths must be performed and witnessed by the instructor before a certificate can be issued. So, for now I will be doing some short youtube videos with key skills for an introduction to that skill or as a refresher.

The bigger question is the system that needs to be in place when we can conduct training sessions as the covid risk will be with us for a few months more.

1). Social distancing in the class. Depending on the space available in the chosen class, a maximum of 6 students is likely (instead of 12).

2) Gloves and a mask. Both will be available for delegates on arrival. They should be worn when practicing the skills in class and the gloves replaced after each practice session.

3) Anti bacterial wipes and soap will be available.

4). Face barriers will be used for rescue breaths. This would normally be sufficient for protection but I will also clean down the dummy after each use with the barriers and change the dummies internal lungs after each class. We will do some practice with balloons before attempting the rescue breaths so you get used to the amount of puff before you try on the mannequin. This is probably over the top but I need to keep you ultra safe.

5) Gloves to be used for CPR, then the mannikin will be cleaned down with anti-bac (just in case).

6) Normally we would provide a buffet lunch but we will take food sandwich orders in advance so that it can be eaten in a bigger space as a take away style.