First Aid Tribe

First Aid is my passion. Everyone should have the essential life skills to bandage a wound, deal with choking, identify a stroke and give CPR to someone who is not breathing. Life has blessed me with a soul mate, children, 4 amazing grandsons and a select circle of friends. If any of them were to have an accident I know that I could act quickly and hopefully prevent an accident becoming a lifelong disability or even saving a life. 7 years on the side lines of rugby games as a first aider, gave me a wide and varied experience of dealing with broken bones, cuts, bruises, torn muscles and spinal incidents. 

I trained with Emergency First Response (the training arm of PADI) back in 2006. This year 2020 (b.c – before covid) I am proud to have gained the qualification of Instructor Trainer. I am a qualified and practising adult education tutor with current experience in the universal program as well as supported learning. I have trained a wide variety of people but my speciality areas are Construction workers, Holistic Therapists, Outdoor sports, Adults with learning difficulties & Schools (Teachers & Children).

Courses are all bespoke because we all have different needs, worries and learning styles. Let me help you to make a difference .